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Barnwell Country Park
Northamptonshire - August 2008

The very last thing you might expect to come across in a Northamptonshire country park is a trio of hoodied half torso's grouped together in mid air as if discussing the football results late on a Saturday afternoon.  But there they were, suspended in mid air and gently rotating in the breeze, not a word passing between them.  Guess their team hadn't performed quite as hoped.
Gathering - Clare Abbatt 2008

Officially called Gathering - Clare Abbatt 2008 the hoodies could have been discussing Break Dance choreography for the forthcoming Town Festival or eyeing up the passers by for the easiest pocket pick, but no, they were gently swinging in the breeze.

Wandering on we came across...
2Screens Yellow - Peter Berry 2008 2Screens Yellow - 2008 which might have had the alternative title of 'Interference' to describe the effect rather than the object.

Peter Berry was making some final Health & Safety adjustments as we approached and asked what we thought of the work.  I had not decided nor had the time to formulate some positive thoughts on what was possibly a little to macro for the surroundings.  Sue however, feeling a little off colour with 'foot in mouth disease' waded right in.........

>Winter Leaves - Taz Lovejoy
The blue hands, with an official title of Winter Leaves were particularly hard to photograph, produced in clear casting resin by Taz Lovejoy.   With the sun in the perfect position, shining through the trees, the overall effect was quite beautiful and in keeping with their lakeside environment.  So the choice was, zoom in on one or two hands, or back off and lose definition.   I decided less was more.....

....but then just when you think that Art is the most beautiful side of human culture you round a corner and Nature reminds you that things are never quite that simple.  Especially life.
Mill Lake - Barnwell
Mill Lake by Nature

Bread bird house Bread bird house

I'm fully grown now, I have been for quite some time, so it can be a bit novel when something you come across takes you back to a land of fairies, small animals and childhood.

Bread bird house Bread bird house

Bird Houses, in bread, flour and water by Marian Crabtree

Husk - Andrew Flint
Husk by Andrew Flint

Fish woocut

Rabbit woodcut

Noah woodcut blocks by Victor Jimenez i Nunez.  A fish near a lake and a rabbit in the undergrowth, just whether these woodcuts were specially made for this exhibition I guess I will never know.

The untitled work, however, is if nothing a sad piece, maybe 'the outcast' is appropriate.  Of course, if your cup is half full it might have been titled 'I'm special'.

Outcast Special

Untitled 1- in wood, fabric, thread, lace, button & screw by Amy Galloway
A Sore Thumb? ..... or part of nature itself?

To change presentation styles I have included some exhibits where I would ask the viewer to decide if the items stick out like a sore thumb or appear to blend into the very surroundings themselves.

Gramineae Mettalica - Angie Snelling

Gramineae Mettalica - Angie Snelling

In a quiet little corner, where the trees meet the lake, mild steel would not be the natural choice unless you were Angie Snelling with an exhibit titled Gramineae Mettalica.

                    Spheres - Rachael Carter?
Willow however could not possibly be out of place so where would you place Willow Spheres by Rachael Carter?

The Natural long of it and the Natural short of it.....

Cocoon - Wendy Henley Typha (Bullrush) - Wendy Henley
Two items, both by Wendy Henley fit into their surroundings perfectly, to the left is Cocoon and above is Typha (Bullrush)
The need to move on...................

Exhibitor list
A scanned image of the exhibiting artists and a map of the park by Unknown to finish off the page.  Not one of my best efforts, I have run out of enthusiasm, due mainly to the large number of excellent exhibits that still need processing, the photo's need cropping and arranging together with some text that tries to do them justice.

My apologies to all of those exhibitors that I have left out but...........

Unfinished - A weight off my shoulders by Tony Spearing
Park map